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All English teachers are basically the same, right? Wrong! A good teacher should not only teach you the language, but help you in the language learning process.

Language trainer
Never underestimate the importance of a good language trainer

Below are some ideas to help you choose the right teacher for you. These are requisites which are essential in our own recruitment policy, and the only way we can ensure the quality service which our clients want and deserve.

Fun and engaging

Not every language trainer can be like Will Smith! However, with some humour, a variety of engaging activities and a little class management, language training sessions should be interesting enough to make you want to go back for more.

Prepared and systematic, yet flexible and adaptable

Every language course needs planning and a systematic 'step-by-step' approach, in order to build on what has been learned, bit by bit. However, language training also needs a certain degree of flexibility in the learning process, with the trainer adapting to the needs, objectives, and learning style of the pupil as they get to know them.

Contextual and practical

Language can be a very dry, academic subject if it has no context. So an effective teacher should always try to demonstrate the use of vocabulary and grammar in a 'real' context, and hopefully one relevant to the pupil.

Equally, if you work in a bank then you probably don't need to know all the different verb tenses inside out. You need practical and specialist language which you use every day. So, the practicality of the language should be a key factor of any language training.

Engaged in what they are doing!

How many times have you attended training sessions in which the trainer didn't appear to be really interested in what they were teaching you? Language trainers are NO exception. A good trainer should always be fully engaged in the sessions and genuinely interested in what they are teaching, and in your progression.

Good communicator

This is such a key element of our work that I'm always surprised by how many 'teachers' are poor communicators! A good language trainer can communicate clearly and effectively to learners of all levels. This not only includes when explaining aspects of language, but also when giving instructions, and making clear what the objectives are.


An effective language trainer should recognise his part in motivating his pupils. Learning a language is a long, complex and time-consuming process, and unless you are a highly disciplined superperson, then it's probable that at some point you will lose interest and/or motivation. Therefore it's important that a language trainer encourages and motivates you to keep on going!

So, if your language trainer doesn't 'tick all the boxes' perhaps it's time for a change. Equally, if you're looking for a new teacher, then try to find one who has the characteristics above.

Good luck finding the right teacher for you. By the way, if you need any help we are always here to help ;)



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