Boost your Business English and set yourself on the road to success with our Business English Bootcamp!

Are you unable to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues in English? 

Improve your communication effectiveness, with dyanamic, 
practical activities in realistic
business situations. 

Do you lack specialist business English vocabulary and expressions?

Build your vocabulary on business related vocabulary, and put it into practice during the online sessions and home activities.

Do you sometimes feel lost in meetings, calls and videoconferences in English?

Conquer your fears, and learn to communicate your ideas effectively in meetings and calls.

The Program

Join our four-week programs  July 6th to 31st  and/or August 3rd to 29th

2 programs Movers (approx level B1-B2)   Shakers (approx level B2-C1)

Every week you'll have: 
  • A three-hour intensive online session focusing on a different area of business English. We use a dynamic and communicative approach to ensure that the sessions are interesting and informative. Classes are given on Zoom (don't worry if you've never used it, we can help you out).
  • A daily task (Monday to Friday) in line with the topic for the week - this includes: business English podcasts, vocabulary exercises, email writing exercises, pronunciation practice and more. You'll receive constant feedback from the trainer to help you improve. These take from 15 to 40 minutes to complete. We use Whatsapp (or email if you prefer) to send the tasks.
  • A 30-minute one-to-one language coaching session every week with me Chris Bate, to review your work and find areas for improvement. Day and time flexible to fit with your schedule. 

Week 1

 Expand your business English vocabulary

Week 2

Build confidence dealing with clients and partners 

Week 3

Improve your fluency and pronunciation 

Week 4

Develop your English for meetings, emails and calls

Price: 195 euros - for 4-week program

The Trainer 

Check me out on LinkedIn

Hi! My name is Chris Bate and I'll be your trainer on the Business English Bootcamp. I have a degree in Business Management and a background in hospitality and sales management.

I've spend the last 17 years of my life teaching and coaching professionals and business teams of all levels, to improve their English communication skills.

I'd be very glad to have you on the Business English Bootcamp, and I'm sure that I can help you achieve your goal to become an effective English communicator!