Are you frustrated with studying English but not seeing results?


Would you like to be an effective communicator in English?

Do you need to explain your business to international clients but you lack confidence?

Do you sometimes feel lost in meetings, calls and videoconferences?

Do you need a team capable of communicating in the international market?

In The Classroom we can help you to achieve your objectives with English. We help individuals and professional teams to become effective communicators in English 

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Individual and group English training 

With our individual or group language training, we'll help you to gain the level of fluency you want and need.

In-company language training

The world does business in English.

Let us help you and your team to gain the skills you need to work in the international market. 

Founder and English trainer

Chris Bate 

A highly experienced language coach with over 17 years of experience in English training for professionals and businesses. 

English trainer

Audrey Smith

Audrey is originally from Australia and is a dedicated professional in all matters of  English language training.

Online specialist.

English trainer


Clive has been teaching business English to a wide variety of professional and businesses for the last 10 years. 

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